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Cultivating a Learning Culture to
Develop Future Talent
Cultivating a Learning Culture to
Develop Future Talent
Summit & Exhibition:
ATD Certificate Programs:
Summit & Exhibition:
ATD Certificate Programs:
October 14 - 15, 2024
       October 13, 16 & 17, 2024
October 14 - 15, 2024
       October 13, 16 & 17, 2024
Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, KuwaitJumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Kuwait


For the third year in a row, ATD Kuwait Summit will be taking place on October 14 - 15, 2024 in Kuwait.

The 2-day summit will explore innovative strategies for developing future-ready talent, so they are equipped with new knowledge, skills, and best practices essential for success in today's dynamic environment.

The summit consists of two days of thought leadership, panels, presentations, and networking opportunities providing the attendees with a platform to gain knowledge and skills, build important business relationships and solve their latest business challenges.

The summit will also feature four globally accredited ATD certificate programs on October 13 & 16 - 17, 2024.

Key topics to be addressed in 2024!


Fons Trompenaars

Fons is a Dutch organizational theorist and founder and director of intercultural management consultancy Trompenaars Hampden-Turner.

He is recognized around the world for his work as a consultant, trainer, motivational speaker and author of various books on all subjects of culture and business.

He has spent over 30 years helping Fortune 500 leaders build meaningful connections to manage and solve their business and cultural dilemmas to increase global effectiveness and performance, particularly in the areas of leadership, innovation, globalization, intercultural understanding and managing culture change by reconciling different (ethnic, gender or generation based, professional, organizational etc).


Fons Trompenaars

Thinkers50 Hall of Fame, World Expert in Corporate Culture and Organizational Effectiveness

Dr. Salah Al-Eissa

Senior Consultant and Advisor at Ministry of Education, Former CLO at SABIC Academy

Nader Bechini

ATD Master Trainer, Co-founder, and Managing Director, Growship

Seema Menon

Talent Development Architect at CALM Worldwide, ATD Master Facilitator, and MGSC Leadership Coach

Raed Khanfar

Managing Director, Almayadi Enterprises Egypt

Ahmad Darwiche

Head of Learning and Development
National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

Hugh Lawson

Lawson Leadership Advisory Ltd.

Imad Ghazzawi

Chief People Officer
Tiqmo, KSA

Ghada El-Kadi

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Partners for People Impact (PPI) and Former Executive Manager of Learning & Talent Development at Burgan Bank

ATD Certificate Programs

13 October 2024

Fundamentals of Training and Facilitation (Arabic)

Deliver outcome-based training.

13 October 2024

Fundamentals of Evaluating Learning Impact

Prove the Value of Your Learning Investments

16 – 17 October 2024

Coaching Skills Certificate

Help others develop, take action, and reach their goals

16 – 17 October 2024

Fostering DEI in the Workplace


ATD Certificate Programs

Fundamentals of Needs Assessment - 13 October 2024

This instructor-led program helps you see the importance of conducting a needs assessment at the start of every learning project.
We focus on the need to “slow down so you can move fast” to
design and deliver effective learning strategies that achieve results.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants gain the knowledge and skills to:

  • – Apply a systematic process to conduct a needs assessment.
  • – Identify performance needs and determine why they exist.
  • – Determine learning solutions and other recommendations to achieve individual and organizational results.
  • – Address resistance to conducting a needs assessment.


Course Facilitator: Seema Menon
Talent Development Architect at CALM Worldwide, ATD Master Facilitator, and MGSC Leadership Coach

Fundamentals of Training and Facilitation (Arabic) - 13 October 2024

A professional, engaging, and effective training and delivery professional understands the science behind learning, the impact of learner needs and preferences on learning outcomes, and the techniques needed to align the learning environment, modality, and materials to evoke the desired learning outcomes in formal settings.    The Trainer or Facilitator serves as a catalyst for learning by understanding the learner’s needs, creating the right environment for learning, building rapport among participants, and using the appropriate delivery options to make learning engaging, effective, relevant, and applicable. Intentional delivery leads to the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills on the job, which positively affects organizational results.    Aligned to the Training Delivery & Facilitation Capability of the Talent Development Capability Model, this certificate program will provide you with a proven model for delivering outcome-based training programs and ATD-exclusive tools and templates. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your techniques in a skills practice where you will receive feedback and guidance from both peers and an experienced ATD Facilitator.

Learning Objectives:

  • – Select the appropriate mix of learning modalities to support specific contexts, learners, and learning objectives in formal learning settings.

  • – Recognize that planning is an essential component in the preparation of a successful learner-centered event.

  • – Apply brain science to delivery strategies that address various learner preferences and cognitive needs in the learning environment.

  • – Select learning methods to support a variety of learning preferences to reach the desired learning outcomes.

  • – Demonstrate adult learning principles and effective facilitation techniques to assess and ensure a safe, comfortable, and supportive learning environment.

  • – Utilize a variety of facilitation techniques to create an engaging learning experience.

Course Facilitator: Nader Bechini
ATD Master Trainer, Co-founder, and Managing Director, Growship

Measuring Return on Investment Certificate - 16 - 17 October 2024

Use ROI to demonstrate the real value of talent development.

Show the value of talent development initiatives using the measures that matter to your leaders and executives. To remain relevant, you must know how to answer two questions before they are asked. First, how do you know the impact you are claiming is due to your initiative and not something else? The second is, how do you know the initiative was a good investment of resources? This course will show you how to answer both questions using the language and measures leaders expect and respect. Beyond addressing just training programs, you’ll learn to answer these questions for talent development, organization development, human resources, technology, change, or quality solutions.
During this certificate program, you will learn to demonstrate and communicate with credibility the impact and ROI of your initiatives using the globally recognized ROI Methodology, developed by the ROI Institute, Inc. The ROI Methodology offers a comprehensive, systematic approach to demonstrating value for money invested in all programs, projects, and initiatives. Learn and practice techniques to isolate the direct effects of your programs to improve business measures, convert impact measures to money, identify important intangibles, and calculate ROI. Uncover how to use this data to communicate the need for and make better decisions about talent development investments to improve organization performance.

Why You Should Attend:

  • – Be able to apply the ROI Methodology end-to-end back on the job to measure the impact of your talent and organization development solutions.

  • – Link your talent development program objectives to business results to gain visibility, credibility, and future investment from senior leadership.

  • – Work through a complete evaluation plan in the course for one of your own programs, with guidance from expert facilitators who are true evaluation practitioners.

  • – Earn an industry-recognized ATD certificate, continuing education credits, and an ATD digital badge to share with your networks.


Course Facilitator: Raed Khanfar
Managing Director, Almayadi Enterprises Egypt

Fostering DEI in the Workplace - 16 - 17 October 2024

Fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and workplace involves awareness of and appreciation for different perspectives, backgrounds, customs, abilities, and behavior norms. Talent development professionals are in a unique position to ensure that every employee in their organization is respected and engaged and that their organization realizes the significant benefits of an inclusive approach.

Throughout this course, you will explore key themes and concepts encompassing many facets of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and discover the tools necessary to support DEI through your role as a talent development practitioner. In alignment with the Talent Development Capability Model, you will examine your organizational impact from three unique perspectives – personal, professional, and organizational – and identify strategies to expand your mindset, practices, and influence.

Starting with the personal perspective, this certificate program will provide you an opportunity to evaluate your self-awareness and develop cultural humility. The program will draw on the learners’ real-world experiences and will invite authentic discussions in a way that recognizes that everyone is at a different place in their DEI journey. Moving to the professional realm, we’ll explore how you can incorporate DEI into your daily work as a TD practitioner, regardless of your role.

Learning Objectives:

  • – Demonstrate the value and benefit of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into talent development for your organization.
  • – Expand your self-awareness and shift your mindset, practices, and influence around diversity, equity, and inclusion within your own work.
  • – Identify factors that shape identity and culture, including race, gender, ethnicity, age, physical abilities/qualities, and neurodiversity.
  • – Discover how cultural norms affect beliefs, values, behaviors, and decisions and their potential impact on workplace dynamics.
  • – Demonstrate inclusive leadership skills, including co-creating an environment where diverse perspectives are considered, using storytelling to create safe spaces, and making space for people to be seen, heard, understood, and valued.

Course Facilitator: Seema Menon
Talent Development Architect at CALM Worldwide, ATD Master Facilitator, and MGSC Leadership Coach

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Strengthen your position as a key player in the region & showcase your solutions to Kuwait’s talent development, learning and HR leaders and practitioners. Our tailored sponsorship and exhibition packages will help you connect with your target audience.


Gold (4 days)

14 -17 October 2024

  • Summit
  • 2- Day ATD Certificate Program

Silver(3 days)

13 -15 October 2024

  • 1- Day ATD Certificate Program
  • Summit

Bronze(2 days)

14 -15 October 2024

  • Summit

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